Thanks Oprah for Speading Some Light on Hormones!

I recently saw Oprah’s first show on hormones (1/23/09). It is great that  some much needed light is being spread on this topic. Hormone use doesn’t have to be confusing. Myths and fear prevent women from taking charge of their health and feeling better. Here is what I would add to Oprah’s last discussion:

  1. Most women avoid using hormones because they fear developing breast cancer. These women are missing out on the short and long term benefits of hormone support.
  2. Women continue to make estrogen as they age. Avoiding estrogen does not lower a woman’s breast cancer risk (avoiding Progestins, synthetic progesterone, does).
  3. Estrogen is not a single hormone, it is a family of hormones, some good and some dangerous. As women age they tend to make more dangerous forms, that is why breast cancer rates increase as women grow older.
  4. The WHI study did not show any increase in breast cancer from synthetic estrogen. Only women using estrogen with Progestin had an increase in breast cancer. Thousands of studies have shown that Progestins are linked to breast cancer and should never be used to treat menopause.
  5. Diet, life style, and genetics determine what types of estrogen a woman makes.  Women can alter their breast cancer risk with foods and certain supplements.
  6. Hundreds of studies have proven that estrogen prevents heart disease, bone fractures, depression, memory loss, sexual dysfunction, and even wrinkles.
  7. The WHI study showed that women using estrogen alone, (not with Progestins), in the first 10 years of menopause, had less hardening of the arteries in the heart.
  8. Studies show that increases in blood clots with the use of estrogen occur only when women take estrogen orally. Women should not eat estrogen. They should apply it to their skin with a lotion or patch.
  9. Most women do not need to measure their estrogen and progesterone levels before starting therapy. These hormones should be measured while on therapy to make sure these hormones are being absorbed and breaking down safely.
  10. We are living older than ever before and we must do everything we can to ensure that we reach these bonus years with a strong mind, bones, heart, and spirit. Smart hormone support helps to ensure this will happen.

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