Testosterone Does Not Cause Prostate Cancer In Men!

This week my local paper (Boston Globe) finally acknowledged what those of us in the anti-aging community have long understood. Testosterone does not cause prostate cancer when given to men who need it. Ladies, do the men in your life (age 45 and older) a favor and ask them to have their doctor check their Free and Total testosterone levels. It is estimated that there are 4 to 6 million men in this country suffering from testosterone deficiency and only 5% are ever treated.  Men will live longer and be better lovers, friends, brothers, fathers and husbands if they are hormonally balanced.

What are the  symptoms of low testosterone in men?

  1. Fatigue, depression, less passion about sports and sex
  2. Lack of confidence, feeling less interested in career
  3. Difficulty having and maintaining an erection
  4. Weight gain with a tendency to a big belly and “man boobs”
  5. Cranky, irritable, ill tempered, not much fun to be around

What are the signs and health risks of having low testosterone?

  1. Bone Loss (loss of height and increased fracture risk)
  2. Muscle loss and weakness (hunched over appearance)
  3. Heart disease
  4. High cholesterol
  5. Diabetes

So if a man you care about has any of the above and his Total testosterone level is less than 400 ng/dl (considered “normal” by many doctors) and his Free testosterone is less than 15 pg/ml- they should be given testosterone.

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  1. In what form do you recommend testosterone to be taken by men? And do you recommend any Doctors in the Los Angeles area.
    thank you

  2. Dear Dr. Cohan,

    Thank you so much for the information on testosterone levels in men. Although I was aware of some of the facts you mentioned, it is still very valuable to see them distilled and re-iterated in such a concise fashion.

    Needless to say, I shall be raising this whole issue with my own PCP during my next regular visit.

    Once again, many thanks


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