PMS Myth Buster

If you or your daughter is planning on reading Cosmo this month at the beach- be aware that their article on PMS is misleading.

It starts out, “The week before your period? Yeah, not fun.” Oh I didn’t realize that we women were doomed to have a week or more each month that is not fun. Wrong. So wrong. What’s not fun is misinformation about hormones!

PMS is not a normal phase of the cycle as most articles have us believe. PMS is feedback from your body that all is not well, something is out of whack for any number of reasons.

Poor diet, stress, over work, toxic people, unhealthy boundaries with work or social pressures, over consumption of dairy, alcohol, and caffeine, all predispose you to hormone imbalance, and PMS. Click on the topics section of my website to read about how I treat PMS.

Taking coffee to “counteract the brain cloud,” as suggested in the article will worsen PMS.

Summer is a great time to reevaluate your lifestyle and practice slowing down. Exercise, yoga, limiting dairy caffeine and alcohol will make a huge difference.

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