persephone vitamins

Persephone Vitamins is the first vitamin line that changes with the seasons. There are several reasons why this makes sense. First, taking supplements day in and day out can lead to “body overload” and even toxicity. Vitamins, minerals, and essential oils taken to excess, over long periods of time, can be wasteful and harmful.

Many antioxidants require certain “cofactors” to be most effective. They are “packaged” that way in nature. For example, foods naturally rich in iron also contain vitamin C to help your body absorb the iron. This is why it is always best to get your nutrition from food. Unfortunately we live busy lives with less than perfect meals, and eating ideally can be challenging. For this reason food-based nutrients are included in Persephone multivitamins. Food-based nutrients are concentrated extracts from vegetables and fruits known to be high in antioxidants and chemicals to support healthy metabolism. Taking them ensures that you are obtaining your nutrients with the right cofactors, as nature intended, for optimal effects in your body.

Chinese Medicine teaches us to eat according to the seasons. The Winter is time to take in more natural oils, and warming foods, the Spring and Fall are seasons to cleanse the liver, and the Summer is a time when extra antioxidants are needed. I have been rotating supplements with my patients for years with great success.

To make life easier for all of us, I have developed packets of nutrients that vary with the seasons. This automatically rotates your supplements providing you with a full range of support throughout the year. Each packet contains the vitamins, minerals, food-based antioxidants and essential oils that women need. The contents change each season, with a different dose and type of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and food-based blends. The packets are to be taken once or twice a day, as needed, for minimal, or maximal, support.

Using packets is convenient and avoids the need to buy and organize multiple bottles of various supplements, saving you time and money. All of the products are of pharmaceutical grade, with pure ingredients.

You can buy Persephone Vitamins now at my online Store.