Mammogram Debate

Okay, once again we woke up to new recommendations, from the latest study, telling us to change everything we’ve been indoctrinated to do about our breasts.

Until now we’ve been “ordered” to endure mammograms, no matter who we are, and what we think, every year,only to be told this morning, “Oops, we got that  that wrong- let’s not do mammograms at all, at least until you are 50.” Confused? Who wouldn’t be. That’s why I always tell women to take control of their health, and not be swayed by the latest headlines. Look critically at all the facts, stay calm, and listen to your own body.

I can pretty much guarantee that in 5 years the latest hormone recommendations, which have for now swung away from any hormone support, will swing back and we’ll be waking up in years to come thinking “I knew I should have been doing that!”

So, what do I think about the latest recommendations? Like always it comes back to common sense and being proactive with your health. Regarding mammography, if you have a strong family history, get a baseline at age 40 and if all looks good i.e. no calcifications, or other suspicions, get another by age 45 and continue to monitor as you and your doctor see fit.

You can even do better. Make sure that your estrogen is balanced by progesterone. Studies have shown that women with progesterone deficiency have an increased risk of breast cancer. Iodine deficiency is also linked with breast cancer. At any age I recommend doing genetic screening for problems with hormone metabolism. There are several companies out there, I use Genovations. The important thing is to find a lab that has a doctor that you can follow with to review results and advise supplementation to improve your metabolism.  I discuss this in detail in the  “Hormone Safety” chapter  in my book.

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