Mammogram Debate, Solved with Recent Study?

In 2009, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, (USPSTF), turned mammography guidelines upside down by advising women not to start mammography screening until age 50 and to continue every other year, stopping at age 74. I have always disagreed with these revised recommendations and was disappointed that there was an about face in medicine, once again placing women a confused state about how best to handle their preventive health.

A new study, supports the previous recommendations of the American Cancer Society (ACS) to annually screen from age 40 until age 84.

New analysis of 6 Cancer intervention studies have shown that screening in the younger years and continuing into the mid eighties reduced mortality by 39%.

If your doctor changed their recommendations, have him/her check out this February study published in the American Journal of Roentenolgoy, (AJR.10:5609.Feb 2011).

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