Latest JAMA Article Supports Estrogen, Finally!

Estrogen has been deemed safe once again by a new study published in the April Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

In the the original 2002 WHI study there was a group of women taking Estrogen alone, without synthetic Progesterone. This Estrogen only group had NO increase in breast cancer in 2002 and now, over 10 years later there is still less breast cancer compared with women not taking any Estrogen. Women in this group who started Estrogen at menopause had less heart attacks and less bone loss in 2002 and this protection has lasted. Women using Estrogen also had lower death rates, 10 years later.

Sadly millions women were advised to stop all forms of hormone support based on a single study in 2002. Studies have since shown that women not using hormones during menopause have an increase in bone loss, heart disease, depression, insomnia, and less sexual satisfaction.

(JAMA, April 6,2011;305:1354-1355)

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