Hormones For “Older” Women

Okay, in the last 2 days I have stumbled across 2  letters to “Dear Annie” in the Boston Globe concerning “older” women lacking sex drives.

One of the women was in her early 60’s, the other was only 48 years old. Both were  lumped into the, “sorry that menopause has taken it’s toll,” category. The advice offered to both was pretty much, “suck it up,”  (literally), and  see a counselor. In both instances NO mention of hormone support was offered. Such a sad state. Unfortunately I am certain we are not the only state where this is happening!

So, for you “older” women out there, here is my advice: you can, and SHOULD use hormone support if you are suffering, no matter what your age. Yes, you are hearing me correctly, there is NO age ban for women to use hormones, even though we have been ill-advised to run from all hormones, especially women over the age of 60.

Why all the misinformation? It stems from the infamous WHI study that showed an increase in heart disease and stroke in women 60 years old and over. As you know from my book, the WHI study had many flaws such as: only carcinogenic Provera was used to substitute for progesterone, only oral horse estrogen (Premarin) was used, by mouth, most women studied had not previously used hormones, so they were already at an increased risk for heart disease and stroke, many women had preexisting heart disease, and most of the women had no complaints, so they did not need hormones at all.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING improves a woman’s sex drive better than estrogen. Sure testosterone helps, but without estrogen there is no bell ringing and probably a little too much soreness to be thrilled. I know from years of clinical experience with hundreds of women, and I know firsthand, as I am “an older” woman myself.

You can safely use estrogen. I recommend vaginal Estriol (my favorite brand, made by Bezwecken, is available  on the internet), and transdermal Estradiol, (balanced with Progesterone), available from your doctor. If he or she is unenlightened please slip them a copy of my book which has hundreds of references supporting my advice.

Studies have clearly shown that transdermal estrogen does NOT increase clotting, but  estrogen given by mouth does. Natural forms of Progesterone are not the same as Provera, chemically or biologically. Provera has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease.

Transdermal estrogen is available using skin patches, gels, sprays, or creams. All are FDA approved, except compounded creams which cannot be FDA approved because compounded things MUST be regulated by their own approval boards, not the FDA.

In addition to sex hormones, DHEA has been shown to increase a woman’s “vitality,” (yes that’s the term used in the study), and also raises testosterone in women. Viagra does not do much for the sex drive of men and women. Viagra, and similar drugs, pushes the “joy stick,” but it does not make the driver more amorous. Testosterone in men (and some women) is necessary for that. Please go forth and enjoy at all ages!

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