Hey! Its Great to Be Back

Wow, time flies, especially when you’ve been sick from Lyme Disease. I am happy to report that I am well and on the road to full recovery, some 5 years after a baby girl tick took a bite from my life.

It’s been a hard road but I’ve learned a lot, so much so that I’m writing another book about my experiences recovering from a chronic illness, especially one as misunderstood and common as Lyme disease.

I am starting to blog again and even beginning to tweet, so please follow me on twitter @drphuli

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  1. Dr Phuli,

    Welcome…welcome back!

    You have been missed out here in the “Lyme Internet”.
    Your previous blog post have always had such meaningful and positive information on your process of treating Lyme Disease.

    I am so happy to hear your recovery is near at hand!

    I hope you are truly in the “high end percent” of being recovered as I find it extremely hopeful when I hear Lyme people talk about being 50% better or 80% better or dare
    I say 100% better!!! I hope your recovery is headed into such percentages!!!

    Regardless of the percent it is the closing in on recovery which I find so uplifting for the many of us who are just starting our our journey from tick byte to recovery.
    With so many twists and turns in this road, your story gives us all hope!

    I am ready to pre order your upcoming “Lyme journey” book today, so please keep us informed on that project.

    I have found that stories of recovery from Lyme such as your story, as well as the lyme recoveries from other esteemed Physicians such as Dr. Burrascano, Dr. Singleton, Dr. Horowitz etc.; always give me encouragement to “stay the course” and “not to give up” the good fight to recovery.

    Whether one chooses treatments based on antibiotics or herbs or energy medicine, the one thing which we all require is “HOPE”.

    Thanks for being a beacon of hope for us all!

    Elliot Gerberg

  2. Welcome back, Phuli, so great to hear you’re doing better! I’m looking forward to your posts and excited for the new book.
    Best wishes,
    Elisa Bernstein

  3. So glad you are recovered, Your fighting spirit is an inspiration. I miss being your patient, but will enjoy your blog.

    Linda Schulz
    Cape Charles,VA

  4. Hi Dr Cohan,

    It’s so encouraging to hear that you are back (or almost all the way there) from your long fight with lyme. I read your blog on how you and your team were treating your disease with great interest. Looking back, would you still pursue exactly the same course of treatment? Or now, having gone through it, is there anything you might streamline? How were you able to get the very expensive IgeneX testing done, did your insurance cover it?

    What you wrote was wonderful but also rather complex and expensive so inquiring minds want to know 🙂

    Thanks again,,
    -CJ (your old patient from your Arlington practise).

  5. Oh we need to talk more:) I live up in Northern Wisconsin and am trying to create awareness on Bartonella which I’ve had for 25 years and now all my 3 daughters and 5 year old son have it as well as my husband!

    We’ve had great results with Rife frequencies. I cannot believe what Bartonella does to the teeth! I just found more cavities on my son!

    Please email me and take a look at our co-infections chart listed on my blog at http://www.lymesdiseasesucks.blogspot.com

    Just talked with Amanda today from Galaxy Labs in NC and the soldiers returning from the Middle East have an unusually high Suicide Rate. The pets that have come back with the soldiers are testing positive for Bartonella????

  6. Dear Dr. Phuli,
    It is just such a delight to hear from you.
    I am so very happy to hear you are doing better and better,.
    It was a blessing on me, when you became my Doctor, you really changed my life and selfcare.
    Peace, Light and Wellness to you..

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