Happy Healthy New Year 2009!

Greetings from snowy New England. This year has been filled with challenges and miracles for all of us. This year my challenge has been recovering from Lyme disease (more on that in the future). As with all illnesses there are many lessons to be learned…here are some of my lesson highlights:

1. Good medical care is hard to find, but it is out there. If your doctor says, “we’ve done all we can” or “your tests show you are fine,” but you don’t feel right, get another doctor.

2. You must be determined to get well, in order to get well, never give up.

3. Rest, setting limits, and saying “no” to stuff you don’t want to do is undervalued.

4. Being perfect and getting everything done on time is overvalued.

5. If you don’t feel good, there is a reason. It is NEVER because you are “just getting older” or “just too stressed” or “just run down.”

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  1. Dear Phuli,
    THank you so much for these words of wisdom…it seems that these guidelines are applicable to to many areas of my life, and will be very helpful as I prioritize my daily tasks and commitments in the new year.

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