Chia Seeds: New Super Food for Health

I have been espousing the wonders of ground flax seeds for breast, heart and bowel health for years. Now I want to help you to explore a new “super food,” Chia seeds.  Yes, the same seeds that give us furry green pets can help spring cleanse our bowel, pump us with Omega 3 fatty acids (linolenic acid), provide us with protein and calcium (as much as 2%milk), and hydrate us. This ancient (Aztec) food source is rich in  insoluble and soluble fiber, which have been shown to lower risks of breast and colon cancer, lower blood sugar, triglyceride and cholesterol, and boost the immune system.

Chia  seeds are tiny, white or black (both are equally beneficial) and found in most whole food stores. They are amongst the highest plant source for essential omega 3 fatty acids, important for stable moods, and hormone function. They are inexpensive and  because they swell, like tapioca, have been used as a satisfying food source in weight loss and very helpful for IBS, constipation, and as part of any detox program.

Drink them with warmed almond milk in the morning, add them to cereals, soups, or smoothies.  Check out for information and recipes.

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