If you’re not enjoying sex and want to, if you’re not having mind blowing orgasms like you used to, but your healthy in every other way, I have good news for you. Your return to a full, lush, and exciting sex life is at hand. Read on. The vagina can be mysterious- particularly in us […]

Being “hormonal” is a GOOD thing!

Tired of hearing about how horrible it is to feel “hormonal?” Here’s the good things our hormones are meant to do: Estrogen gives women curves, energy, sex drives, and bone strength. It lifts the mood, preserves memories, and even gives us our sense of style. Did you know that studies have shown that women low […]

Thanks Oprah for Speading Some Light on Hormones!

I recently saw Oprah’s first show on hormones (1/23/09). It is great that  some much needed light is being spread on this topic. Hormone use doesn’t have to be confusing. Myths and fear prevent women from taking charge of their health and feeling better. Here is what I would add to Oprah’s last discussion: Most […]