I’m back….and we have a lot to catch up on

Happy to say I’m back to blogging and there’s a world of info to catch up on… I’ve been through breast cancer and my daughter had osteosarcoma (bone cancer) so the last 2 years have been about that, immunotherapy, dendritic cell vaccine, and much more.  I have been absorbed in this and have a lot […]


If you’re not enjoying sex and want to, if you’re not having mind blowing orgasms like you used to, but your healthy in every other way, I have good news for you. Your return to a full, lush, and exciting sex life is at hand. Read on. The vagina can be mysterious- particularly in us […]

Adrenal Burnout

I always feel like the end of the summer is a good time to plan the upcoming year. Its a great time to think about gaining balance and health. So are you “burned out?” Are you overdoing? Are you consistently over-scheduled? Are you giving too much without rest and recharge? If you are thinking, “yes” […]

DHEA: Four Letters You Want to Know

DHEA is the most abundant hormone in your body, yet few women have ever heard of it. Fewer can pronounce its twenty-two lettered scientific name, Dehydroepiandrosterone. Think of DHEA as your battery, your reserve fuel. Without DHEA you have trouble activating your thyroid hormone. You can take all the Synthroid, (the most commonly prescribed thyroid […]