Dr. Phuli Cohan is an innovative physician who merges traditional Western medicine with Chinese medicine to provide a truly holistic approach to women’s health. As an undergraduate at Simmons College she obtained degrees in Women’s Studies and Chemistry while she engaged in physiology research at Harvard Medical School.

After graduating Brown University Medical School in 1982, she trained in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine in the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia, respectively. In 1984, while training in New Zealand, she was introduced to Chinese Medicine by one of a handful of physicians allowed into China when the Great Wall opened its gates. In 1987 she was among the earliest physicians to complete acupuncture training at the UCLA School of Medicine. She has also studied Chinese gynecology with Dr. Steven Clavey in Melbourne, Australia.

Her travels and studies, particularly her knowledge of Chinese medicine, bring a fresh and effective approach to the hormonal problems women commonly face. She merges ancient wisdoms with the latest scientific technologies and explains them in detail in her recent book, The Natural Hormone Makeover: Ten Steps to Rejuvenate Your Health and Regain Your Inner Glow.

She is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has a private practice in Massachusetts, where she runs women’s health workshops. She has had speaking engagements all over the world.