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Back to School/Back to Life

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

School started again for our town and I, like most mom’s am sad and happy about it. Sad me can barely comprehend how quickly my daughter is traversing life, and I am slightly dreading the “busy-ness” that lies ahead…the carpools, homework, structure, and end of care-free summer days. The happy me is ecstatic to finally be feeling well enough to ponder my next phase. What should I do with my mid-fifty life? Where should I put my talents? What do I want my year to look like?

One thing I plan to do is to update this website. I hope to blog regularly and hopefully develop an arena for like-minded people to discuss hormones, aging, Lyme disease and add a few of my interests such as yoga, cooking, meditation and life balance. I’m going to try to do something new, maybe art or a dance lesson.

How are you guys coping with the end of summer?

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