The world needs healthy people. Be one.

Integrative medicine is the future of medicine. Using a variety of treatment modalities promotes balance in all organ systems to prevent and overcome illness.

Advances in stem cell research, immunotherapy, bio-identical hormones, genetics, vitamin therapies, and cannabis medicine now play important roles in improving chronic conditions and promoting healthy aging. This site will help you better understand these and other integrative options.

I began this site to help women understand, support, and balance their hormones, as detailed in my first book, The Natural Hormone Makeover (Wiley, 2008). I have expanded this site to include new information about Lyme disease, cancer, and other common health issues affecting men and women.

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Dr. Phuli’s Blog shares my personal experiences and what I did to restore my health in the face of cancer and Lyme disease. My blogs will help clarify the often misleading medical headlines and reports and shed light on topical medical issues.

Be positive, and be proactive about your health. You deserve to look and feel healthy.

Never doubt this.